India Czajkowska is a vocalist, composer and  pianist born in Poland. Her classical education in music was the first step to the deep research in vocal experiments, integrating sonoric aspects of voice. The music she creates, partly based on the acoustic instruments is combined with the modern concept of improvised music and electronic vocal soundscapes. India Czajkowska

Her solo album, Cosmospir ,was released by the label Hic Sunt Leones, (Italy, 2008).
 “She is able to seduce her listeners’ ears into a wide range of emotions and imaginal worlds” the American reviewer  of her first solo album said. The other review described this album as a“cutting through genre barriers like a fiery sword.”
The electronic vocal soundscapes, prepared piano  mixed with the  post-classical approach in her works, bowed guitar, and unique songs in invented languages.
In 2009/2010 she presented the multimedial  Cosmospir-Summum in Contemporary Theatre in Wroclaw, the project involving  butoh dance, analogue visuals, video.

Yet another important area of her artistic activity is creating soundtracks for films and music for the theatre. Cooperations: Andrzej Titkow, Piotr Uklanski, (Summer Love, 2006), NRS GROUP from Sydney ("Poland's New Jews"), the Theatre of TVP, the experimental and  move theatres: Te'artKam, butoh dancer -Sylwia Hanff , Wytwornia Theatre, Adekada.

Since 1997, she has been giving concerts with her acoustic group, Ness and solo concerts (piano&vocal) performing her compositions. Moreover, she performed traditional Jewish motives and songs, her own arrangements with the group Cadyk Ensemble (cello, violin, clarinet, cajon) She created also a  group Hipnagog with Marek Chołoniewski (live electronics), Marcin Dymiter (guitar)  performing live at UNSOUND Festival, Krakow, 2004
India has been performing concerts and recording with Elektra Kurtis, a Greek violinist from U.S.A. and her group Ensemble Elektra. This co-operation resulted in an album called The Book Of Time (1999) released in New York. As a improvising vocalist and pianist she has various experiences including free-jazz, trip-hop, post-rock, etno-jazz: with French guitarist – Noel Akchote, Tadeusz Sudnik (Freelectronics, Tomasz Stańko), Italian pianist and composer-Mario Mariani, Drum Freaks-ethno jazz band, Bob Steward. As a guest musician she appeared on the Lux Occulta's album presenting trip-hop songs (The Mother And The Enemy, 2001, Maquiavel Music Entertainement, Portugal ). She has been described in reviews as an impressive vocalist with a "hipnotic, sensual" voice.

The contemporary improvised music and  interdisciplinary performance connected with movement and video-art is one of the main interests of her artistic activity. In-between 2002-2004, she led her project Konstelacje (Constellations) that was imagined as a cycle of concerts of improvised music - at the music club Jazzgot. (PKiN,Warsaw).

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